Arsen Imenov

Director | Choreographer | Dancer



My name is Arsen Imenov, and I am a professional dancer passionate about inspiring and empowering others through the art of movement. From a young age, I knew I was destined to pursue dance, and I have been dedicated to it ever since.

I was born on October 8, 1990 in Russia and currently reside in Kazakhstan. I started dancing in a folk dance ensemble at the age of 11, while also practicing acrobatics. I completed my education in 2012 at the Chelyabinsk State Academy of Culture and Arts, Faculty of Choreographer-Pedagogue. I then worked as a ballet dancer for six years in a modern dance company at the Ballet Moscow theater before moving on to work at the Kolben Dance Company in Jerusalem, Israel.

As a freelancer, I now work primarily as a director and choreographer, sharing my passion for dance with others. I am committed to creating a safe and supportive learning environment for my students, where they can express themselves and reach their full potential. My performances are aimed at inspiring and entertaining people of all ages and backgrounds.

Several areas in which I work include:
  • Choreographer
    I create a dance in different formats and for different tasks (performance, show, m/video, movie dance etc)
  • Dancer
    I dance every day because it's my craft. But I also participate in commercial creative projects as a dancer
  • Teaching
    I teach a wide range of students, from amateur groups to dance companies and theaters.
    My teaching experience has helped me formulate the principles that guide my approach to dance
  • Actor, Model
    I strive to transcend movement, working with words and text. As a model and actor, I have appeared in commercials and films
Showreel by Arsen Imenov
This showcase features a collection of my sketches from past and future works, lessons with amateurs, masterclasses with professionals, and the processes involved in exploring and defining my dance style.
The video work "Island" was created specifically for the opening of the "Astana Art Show 2018" contemporary art exhibition in Kazakhstan. The carpet is one of the important attributes of Kazakh lifestyle. We share meals with our family on it, it protects us from cold and heat, and it even serves as our burial shroud.
My creative project "Tightness" addresses one of the biggest issues in Kazakhstan, which is domestic violence perpetrated by men against women. It can be said that this duet is based on real events. I'm not sure how much my statement will help solve this problem, but I do know that it's crucial to speak up and draw attention to it!
The video work "Oxygen" by playwright Ivan Vyrypaev. It was created as part of my application to the acting faculty.
DEMON - from ancient Greek [daimon] «spirit», «divinity» - a spirit not so malicious, but rather suffering and mournful, for all that imperious and majestic...
The video work "Demon" showcases my performance as an actor.
My creative project "Nothing" was filmed on the Baltic Sea. It was inspired by the nature of those places, where the thought arose that if all living creatures were to leave the Earth and only humans remained, we would survive for a maximum of two years... But if the opposite were to happen, then the Earth would thrive and flourish with vibrant life. And as a human, I am nothing.

Paris, France